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NO MELT NO DRIP®. Serious base layer comfort, durability and performance. Ideal on the front lines, for our war fighters, EOD or under bunker gear.
The Ultimate Base Layer whether on duty or on the playing field. Moisture wicking, odor killing and Velcro® resistant. No Sweat. No Stink. No Problem!
Lightweight Warmth no matter the conditions. Keeps you warm and keeps you dry and comfortable.
Serious FR protection for Fire, Industrial and Military personnel. Lightweight, comfortable protection from extreme heat and flame.
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When the pressure is on... Don't sweat it!
Tac Wear's moisture wicking technology takes care of helping you focus on getting the job done, by wicking away the perspiration distraction factor. Whether you're exposed to extreme heat or are bundled for extreme cold... our performance products are there to keep your comfort level at its ultimate.